Dr scott's electric hairbrush

Music that stimulates the inner pathways of the soul. 


    Dr Scott   

Dr Scott developed his mystical powers years ago in the deserts of Southern Idaho.  He uses to prescribe just the right dose of musical ingenuity sure to stimulate the follicles of your mind. With a blended medley of Folk, Rock, Latin and Blues – Dr Scott's Electric Hairbrush transports listeners through the depths of his soul. There you will find a cure for all that ails you. Coming off his second studio album titled, The Nest Files, Dr Scott is making waves in multiple scenes. Touring through Idaho, Oregon, and Ohio in support of his new album, the praise has come in from musicians and fans alike. With a recent move to Cleveland, the Dr has formed a new backing band of electric bristles. Dr Scott's Electric Hairbrush is heating up in the Ohio music scene, don't miss your chance to see the Dr and be healed.

   The Electric Hairbrush  

Brian Gaudino 

Guitarist Brian Gaudino performs in a variety of genres including Rock, Folk, Jazz, and Classical. He is currently the Assistant Director of The Cleveland Guitar Orchestra. Brian comes to Northeast Ohio from Southwest Louisiana. Before moving to Cleveland, Brian was a faculty member at The University of Louisiana-Lafayette, where he taught Classical and Jazz guitar. Brian has performed as a soloist with The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra and The Coast Guard Dixieland Jazz Band. In 2009, Brian earned 1st place at The UL Friends of Music Classical Guitar Competition and was the recipient of The Richard Neiheisel Phi Beta Kappa Endowed Graduate Award. He was a founding member of Zydeco/Rock hybrid Electric Rougarou. His debut solo album, Control Freak, was released in February 2016. Brian is also proficient on banjo and mandolin, and his Bluegrass recordings are featured in the video game When Pigs Fly.  

Mark Mazak 

Mark's background is contested and unclear.  He has been spotted in at least six different countries operating what appeared to be a large Tuba, and possibly other sonic weaponry.  When questioned, he claims that it was a military operation of some sort.   While recently seeking a powerful analgesic for his Musical Jones, he stumbled upon Dr. Scott's Electric Hairbrush, and now attests to it's restorative powers.  Mark is most pleased to augment the good doctor's formulas with a tincture of Bass.  While results may vary, it is reportedly to an invigorating effect.

Zach LeFeber

Zach LeFeber's mom noticed that he liked to walk around the house tapping, knocking, and smacking anything that sounded good.  She gave up her sanity and directed his energy into drums.  With a skillset honed through too many years of evening practices, he's ready to stir the pot of potion the doctor ordered.